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HR & Employee Benefits/ CPEO


We utilize the services of several CPEOs (IRS Certified Professional Employer Organization).  Often, we will provide a quote to you from at least 2 or 3 CPEOs and then we can discuss the advantages and individual characteristics of each company, allowing you to choose the company which best suits your needs.

We only work with ESAC (Employer Services Assurance Corp) and IRS certified organizations.  This assures our clients will receive the highest level of service from organizations with demonstrated financial security.

What is a CPEO?

A CPEO functions like an off-site HR Department.  Utilizing cloud-based technology that couples with expert services to simplify all aspects of HR/ Employee Management/ Payroll/ Benefits Administration.  Often, the small to mid-sized business manages these tasks in-house and without the depth of knowledge and experience of a dedicated HR Professional.

Why work with a CPEO?

With a CPEO a business has access to an HR Attorney, HR Manager, and Payroll Manager specifically assigned to them.  This provides a seamless extension of your business to provide employee training (which can lower insurance costs), develop compliant policy and procedure manuals, manage payroll, access affordable employee benefits (including a 401K plan), tax administration, regulatory compliance, and so much more!

A CPEO can protect your business from exposure to various risks and liability.  Utilizing their cloud-based technology ensures that your employee records are secure, off-site, and not vulnerable to a cyber breach.

A CPEO can also help you to attract and retain quality employees.  In today’s competitive job market, many prospective candidates shop a new job based upon the benefits package more than they do the compensation.  The realities are that an employee will leave a job they love to take another position with a stronger benefits package.  This makes it difficult for the small business to compete with larger companies or employers with union benefits. 

Best of all, utilizing the bundled services of a CPEO will save you money

Rather than purchasing EPLI (employer liability insurance), workers compensation insurance, and employee benefits a-la-carte as a small business, you’ll access those services bundled together and priced as if you were a large corporation.

That’s a fairly high level overview to give you an idea of what is possible. 

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Our Services

HR/ Payroll/ Employee Benefits Solutions

Our most specialized and tailored services specific to your business needs. We will reduce risk and administrative burden while maximizing your employee benefits package and reduce plan costs wherever possible.

Affordable Healthcare Plan Options

With a self- funded plan, the small business has greater flexibility to customize their healthcare plan. You can design the coverage you want rather than just picking from one or two prepared plans that the carrier offers.

Cyber Liability / Cyber Crime Protection

We will review your current plan for adequacy relative to operations and then provide the cyber security, insurance and education necessary to mitigate potential risk and exposure to threats.

Tools for Public Sector and Non Profit

One tool available to the public entities and non profits we work with is called a MRA (Medical Reimbursement Account). These are IRS-approved plans wherein an employer reimburses an employee, their spouses, and dependents for medical expenses.