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Why You Need Us

We pride ourselves on being innovative and offering solutions not easily found by the business owner on their own or via their current advisors.  We have often heard comments such as “I didn’t know what questions to ask because I didn’t know what was possible.”  Its so true! 

If you don’t know what you don’t know and you are unsure as to what questions to ask, then you won’t find the solution best suited to your current need.  That is exactly why it is valuable to have a trusted consultant to guide you.

In the beginning, the best solution often meant facilitating an introduction to another local professional skilled at addressing that specific need, which quite often was beyond the limited scope of banking products.  When TG&Co was formed it was specifically because of the need to break free of those limitations to better serve our clients.  

We offer an ever growing suite of business services. Each client receives solutions that are carefully tailored to their unique needs.  What we do is not easily categorized because it depends upon the business we are working with.  Every client is at a different stage of their business life cycle. What we do depends upon what is needed to grow from that stage to the next.  Our slate of professional services is tailored to meet the needs of the clients we serve.  We leverage our professional connections and industry knowledge to uniquely address the needs of our clients and provide the right solutions to protect their business and save them money.

We are not afraid to tell you all about the services we provide here…..

We are our own competition, striving to find a better way for our clients. 

Those who work in this same demographic with us cant duplicate this unique “recipe” of expertise, solutions, and our desire to be of service to others.

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Our Services

HR/ Payroll/ Employee Benefits Solutions

Our most specialized and tailored services specific to your business needs. We will reduce risk and administrative burden while maximizing your employee benefits package and reduce plan costs wherever possible.

Affordable Healthcare Plan Options

With a self- funded plan, the small business has greater flexibility to customize their healthcare plan. You can design the coverage you want rather than just picking from one or two prepared plans that the carrier offers.

Cyber Liability / Cyber Crime Protection

We will review your current plan for adequacy relative to operations and then provide the cyber security, insurance and education necessary to mitigate potential risk and exposure to threats.

Tools for Public Sector and Non Profit

One tool available to the public entities and non profits we work with is called a MRA (Medical Reimbursement Account). These are IRS-approved plans wherein an employer reimburses an employee, their spouses, and dependents for medical expenses.